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​It would be an important task for all of us to bring our body, soul and spirit into harmony. We owe ourselves that we take care of these treasures, and that we do not consider this hectic world to be the only important thing. When creating the Centre, our aim was to make a place where our customers and friends can find the island of peace. For a few hours they can get away from their environment, and they can find their inner peace, as well. The 5000 years old culture of the Ayurveda creates perfect equilibrium, health and harmony. This method guarantees that it is worth living in and together with it. We strive for the building of reciprocal trust in our relationships, and for a high professional quality, as well as establishing a comfortable atmosphere. We lay stress on the continuous, rich and right information of our customers. Ayurveda Centre has a staff whose members ensure the high quality of our services through their professional abilities and experiences. Our past, the competitions that we have won, the newspaper articles, the television interviews and our fastidious customers are the proof that we do it the right way.