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  • „ There is no better tool for preserve your body’s health than a happy soul.”

    (Anne Bronte)

  • „Everything you give to others, you give to yourself.”

    (Anthony de Mello)

  • „Health is the greatest present, satisfaction is the greatest wealth, faith is the best relationship.” (Buddha)


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Introduction to Ayurveda Centre

As the first Ayurveda Centre of Hungary, we believe in the utmost importance of the harmony of body, soul and spirit. It is not enough to keep up our good physical condition, but our soul has to be in harmony with our body and the outside world. Companies and people in Western countries have realized that preserving, as well as restoring our health is our primary duty. If you are healthy, you can manage your work, family and everyday life more efficiently. Time cannot be an excuse, as illnesses are more time-consuming, not to mention the pain and other problems that ill people have to face. More and more people realize here in Hungary, as well, that treatments started in due time change their lives. We also know that this is so. We have constructed and form our services and treatments in order to establish this harmony.

Our motto is as follows: “Health above all.” Health is a broad concept, and can be understood in different ways. Our aim is to create an environment in which we mix extraordinary quality, professional efficiency, the variety of our treatments, the desire for harmony and equilibrium with the developments of science and technology. We have committed ourselves to quality; this is why our colleagues attend extension courses where they learn about novelties and treatments. Talking about our services we have to mention that cosmetic treatments in our Centre mean more than their traditional counterparts. We can give more to our customers, as we multiply the absorption of agents and their effects by establishing an inner harmony. Our massages can also cure. The ancient Indian cure, Ayurveda is our main focus of interest, but our other massage treatments serve the detoxification, harmonization, rejuvenescent and regeneration of our system, as well. Our additional detoxificating, slimming and body-shaping treatments also help our customers to experience peace, harmony and health. The satisfaction of our customers is most important to us. Our experiences prove that our ideas and work have a reason of existence.